Hello, I am Marie and I am the lady behind ArtteaShrewsbury – tiny paintings on teabags.

Why teabags? It’s the first thing I am always asked, but I am not entirely sure why I decided to use them as a canvas.

I have always liked to recycle/repurpose objects. I have drawn and painted and designed since I was tiny (art really is my life). And yes, I do love a nice cup of tea!

I recently moved to Shrewsbury and love being able to walk into town to enjoy the architecture, the history and the independent cafe culture. I suppose the link between the lovely cafes and the actual teabags may have come from there.

Shrewsbury has been my initial inspiration for the teabags – starting with cafes and pubs, but I have already had commissions from around the country and abroad, and am open to requests, ideas and suggestions.

I used to be an Art teacher – an inspiring, exhilarating and rewarding job. It was during this time, that I got to work alongside Jennifer Collier @paperjennifer. I was fascinated by her use of found materials in her work – newspapers, stamps, maps, letters and yes, tea bags!

And if you wondered about the tea leaves?… well, they all end up in my compost bin, ready to be used in my garden (my other great passion).

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